Everything you need to know about Pastor Suzanne Hinn.

Suzanne Harthern known famously as Suzanne Hinn, wife of famous pastor Benny Hinn is a British-American pastor and minister of the Gospel.

Suzanne Hinn Biography

Daughter to Roy and Pauline Harthern, Suzanne was born and raised in a Christian family by her Christian parents in the United States of America. The exact date of her birth as well as her age remains unknown.

Suzanne Hinn Education

Suzanne Hinn attended Evangel College, Springfield, Missouri. Later, she went on to attend Southeastern Bible College, Lakeland, Florida.

Suzanne Hinn Career and Ministry

Suzanne received God’s call in her teenage hood and began preaching ever since. Suzanne is the founder of “Purifying Fire International” ministry. The ministry major’s concern pertains to helping orphans, widows and the poor in general transform their lives. She holds a prayer meeting every month in California and Florida.

Together with her husband, Benny, Suzanne also co-owns and runs “Aliso Viejo” a ministry TV studio in California.

Suzanne Hinn Family Life

Suzanne’s father was the one who introduced Benny to Suzanne while still working at the Calvary Assembly of God, Orlando, Florida. Benny said he heard the voice of God when he first saw Suzanne and the voice told him that Suzanne was going to be his wife.

It was in the year 1979 on the 4th of August that Suzanne first got married to her husband, Benny Hinn until their shocking divorce in the year 2010. Suzanne’s reasons for filing a divorce were tied to “irreconcilable differences” between herself and her husband Benny. There were also alleged allegations pointed towards her husband with claims that Benny was having an extramarital affair with Paula White, a fellow minister after they were spotted coming out of a hotel together with hands held. Benny however denied all such accusations, stating that he and Paula were only friends and went on to cut off all ties with Paula in a bid to save his marriage.

Three years later, Suzanne and Benny found themselves in love again and remarried around March, 2013. Pastor Jack Hayford played a big role in helping the two reconcile after their divorce. The couple and their union together has been blessed with three daughters and a son. The names of their children are; Jessica Hinn, Hannah Hinn, Natasha Hinn and Josh Hinn. It would interest you to know that Suzanne and her husband are not just parents but grandparents as well.

Suzanne Hinn Controversies

Suzanne’s most famous controversies comes from one of her sermons where she made mention of “Holy Ghost enema” going “right up” a person’s “rear end”. It did not sit well with the many Christians who perceived those words as a form of blasphemy against the holy spirit. On the other hand, some Christians so no wrong whatsoever in what she said as they believed it was merely a harmless analogy and so spoke up in her defense.

Suzanne Hinn Net Worth

The exact net worth of Suzanne Hinn just like her age and date of birth is an information that is yet to be made known to the public. She however lives a comfortably with her husband.

Suzanne Hinn Sermons

Suzanne Hinn’s sermons are available for listening and download online on YouTube and other platforms. Some of her sermons includes:

  • Prayer Warriors and Intercessors.
  • Receive Your Healing.

Suzanne Hinn Social Media

For more information and contact, Suzanne Hinn can be reached on the various social media handles provided below.

X: @SuzanneHinn 

Facebook: Suzanne Hinn

Instagram: @suzannehinn


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