Everything you need to know about Pastor Robert Madu.

Pastor Robert Madu’s love for God and the gospel is something that cannot be hidden. His passion for the work of God is what has led him to travelling the world with the message of the gospel. Robert Madu over the years has managed to capture worldwide audiences and planted the seed of the gospel in their hearts.

Pastor Robert Madu Biography

On the 16th of June, 1984 famous pastor Robert Madu was born to his American mother Evelyn Madu and his Nigerian father Robert Madu, Sr. Raised in a family of 6, Robert Madu is a brother to Nathan Madu and has two sisters, Ashley Madu and Amanda Madu. He grew up in Cedar Hills, Texas.

Pastor Robert Madu Education

Robert Madu had his high school education at Cedar High Hill School and Trinity High School in Cedarhill, Idaho. Upon completion of his high school education, Robert Madu enrolled in Assemblies of God University, Waxahchie, Texas for college and finally had his studies finished at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he graduated with a degree in theology.

Pastor Robert Madu Career and Ministry

Asides serving as part of the teaching team at Trinity Church, Cedar Hills a church which he refers to as home and has attended since he was 3, Robert Madu founded “Robert Madu Ministries”. The pastor manages to preach the scripture with so much captivation that one easily finds themselves locked in and wanting to know more about God and His plans for them. Robert Madu has made it a mission to enlighten his listeners about the love of God for them and his purpose for all. Robert Madu’s ministration has passed the borders of the United Kingdom through to the united States of America and he continues to travel the world with the message of the gospel.

The American preacher and televangelist draws some of his inspiration from his mentor and friend Bishop T.D Jakes with whom he has attended several conferences with.

Pastor Robert Madu Family Life

Robert Madu is a happily married family man, married to Taylor Madu whom he met while preaching as a guest speaker at the Christ For The Nation Institute in Dallas, Texas. The two got married 24th August 2012 and have stayed married ever since. Together their marital union has been blessed with three wonderful children and they raise their children, Remington Elaine, Everly Adair and Robert Nnaji Madu in the way of the Lord. Robert and his family live together in Dallas, Texas.

Pastor Robert Madu Controversies

To some people’s displeasure, Robert Madu and his wife dressed up as Bishop T.D Jakes and pastor Joseph Prince for Halloween in 2023. Their decision to take part in Halloween, a festival with pagan origins which some people consider to be rather demonic as it has no ties with the bible did not sit well with the public. And as a result it sparked an online debate with the topic of, “The Christian faith in relation to secular traditions.” Amidst the disapproval and backlash, there were a few people who were in support of the pastor and praised his actions. 

Pastor Robert Madu Net Worth

The net worth of pastor Robert Madu is not exactly known to the public. There are several unrelated estimates and so it is rather hard to come to a conclusion. It is however obvious that the pastor and his family are living well and comfortably.

Pastor Robert Madu Sermons

Here is a list of 10 sermons by pastor Robert Madu, all of which can be streamed and listened to online on YouTube.

  • Get Over It.
  • Shut Up.
  • It May Be Time To Say, “Get Out.”
  • I’m Annoyed.
  • I’m Still Not Over It.
  • Make It Make Sense.
  • I’ve Seen This Before.
  • Thou Shall Move On.
  • God Loves Addict.
  • It Was There All Along.

Pastor Robert Madu Quotes

Here are 10 famous and striking quotes by Pastor Robert Madu.

  • “Be careful what you bow to.”
  • “If Jesus is not intimately known, He can not be accurately shown.”
  • “Through process, I am transformed into what God has created me to be.”
  • “You don’t get to choose who God will use, because God will use whoever He wants.”
  • “In this age of outrage keep in mind that just because you are offended doesn’t mean you’re right.”
  • “If God did something miraculous once, He has the power to do it again.”
  • “All shaking does is prove the contents of the container.”
  • “Creativity is the moment you exhale what God inhaled inside of you before the foundation pf the earth.”
  • “Whenever your experience doesn’t line up with your expectations, God wants to give you a revelation.”
  • “Comparison will consistently cloud the clarity if God’s call in your life.”

Pastor Robert Madu Social Media

To connect with pastor Robert Madu online, feel free to reach out to him on any of his various social media handles.

Instagram: robertmadu

Threads: robertmadu

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Facebook: Robert Madu


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