Everything you need to know about Pastor Jeff Manion.

Jeff Manion the famous American pastor, speaker and author known for simplifying the scripture and preaching passionately about God, founded and leads the Multi-campus Ada Bible Church, Michigan, USA.

Pastor Jeff Manion Birthday/ Age

The American pastor Jeff Manion was born on the 3rd of November, 1959.

Pastor Jeff Manion Education

The pastor is yet to release to the public information’s about his educational background and degrees obtained.

Pastor Jeff Manion Career and Ministry

What started as a church of 25 people in 1978, now records a regular attendance of over 10,000 worshippers as congregants. Jeff is currently the serving senior pastor of Ada Bible Church, located in Grand Rapids. He has been in active service for over 35 years now. In those years, Jeff has managed to mentor several pastors and groom ministry leaders. With how Jeff Manion simplified the preaching of the scripture and how well he nurtured those who came seeking for God at his church, it was only a matter of time before the church grew. His preaching styles has been described as unique, different and transformational as he has managed to touch a lot of lives and change them for the better. 

Pastor Jeff Manion Family Life

Jeff Manion is married to his wife Chris whom he met at the college he attended. The two got married just before his final year in college. Their marital union has been blessed with three wonderful children who are all grown up. Jeff and his wife Chris are grandparents to very lovely children.

Pastor Jeff Manion Net Worth

The preacher and author’s net worth is estimated to be about $2million which he earns from both his ministerial works and sale of his books.

Pastor Jeff Manion Sermons

Most of Jeff Manion’s uplifting sermons are available and can be watched on YouTube. Below is a list of a few.

  • Making Sense Out Of Life.
  • Dinner With Jesus.
  • Breakfast With Jesus.
  • The Satisfied Life.
  • The Land Between.
  • The Power Of Words.
  • Faith That Works.
  • Here And Now.
  • Together: The Worth Of Community.

Pastor Jeff Manion Books

As already stated earlier, asides from being a pastor, preacher and speaker, Jeff Manion is also an author. Over the years, he has managed to author a couple of books, some of which includes:

  • The New Testament Challenge Leader’s Kit: An Eight-Week Journey Through the Story of Jesus, His Church, and His Return
  • The Land Between: Finding God In Difficult Transitions.
  • Dream Big, Think Small.
  • Mark Bible Study Guide: In the Company of Christ (40 Days Through the Book)
  • Satisfied: Discovering Contentment In A World of Consumption.
  • The New Testament Challenge Study Journal: An Eight-Week Journey Through the Story of Jesus, His Church, and His Return.

Pastor Jeff Manion Quotes

Here are some top quotes from Jeff Manion.

  • “A remarkable life is built by taking a thousand unremarkable steps.”
  • “The wilderness where faith can thrive is the very desert where it can dry up and die if we are not watchful.”
  • “Big dreams must be anchored in small life-giving habits.”
  • “We applaud endurance at the finish line, but those middle miles of plugging along are fairly uneventful. Commitment isn’t flashy, and long devotion often goes unnoticed.”
  • “It is human nature to celebrate the astounding breakthrough rather than the repetitive, tedious works that leads to the breakthrough.”
  • “Our response to God while in the Land Between is what will determine whether our journey through this desert will result in deep, positive growth or spiritual decline.”
  • “Perseverance is hard. It’s easy to grow impatient, restless, and bored. While faithfulness is not a sexy virtue, it is one of the most crucial.”
  • “Growth comes painfully. Every time you gain something, you lose something.”
  • “The ants remind us what can be achieved when we relentlessly chip away at the task before us.”
  • “Desperate prayers may be an indication of spiritual health rather than a sign of spiritual deficiency.”

Pastor Jeff Manion Social Media

Pastor Jeff Manion is active online and can be reached on Instagram and X on the handles below:

Instagram: @manionjeff

X: manionjeff

And for more informations on the pastor Jeff Manion, feel free to visit his website at: jeffmanion.org


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