Everything you need to know about Pastor Edwin Young.

Homer Edwin Young better known as Ed Young was born on the 11th of August 1936 in Laurel, Mississippi. He was born into a poor background and stated in one of his interviews that he had no shoes to go to school with until grade three.

Pastor Edwin Young Education

For his college education, Edwin Young enrolled for an Engineering major in the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. He barely made it through the first half of his freshman year when he decided to go full time into ministration. Edwin Young had himself transferred to Mississippi College, Clinton and then to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina to complete his education and prepare himself for full time ministry.

Pastor Edwin Young Career and Ministry

Dr. Ed Young became senior pastor of Second Baptist Church in the year 1978. Before moving to Houston Texas to accept the mantle bestowed on him, Ed Young pastored in both North and South Carolina. The population of members of Second Baptist Church has grown remarkably from its previous population of 2,000 members in 1978 under the leadership of Ed Young.

It was against his father’s wishes and desires that Ed Young started ministration. His father had believed that Ed was capable with a lot abilities that shouldn’t be used for becoming a preacher or pastor. But Ed Young’s heart was set on becoming a minister of the gospel.

“The Winning Walk” is an international broadcast ministry founded and owned by pastor Ed Young. It has an international audience from different parts of the world.

Pastor Edwin Young Family Life

Pastor Ed Young got married to Jo Beth Young in the year 1959. Their marriage lasted 58 years until her death in September 2017. Their marriage was blessed with three children and eleven grandchildren. Just like himself, all of Ed Young’s sons (Edwin Barry Young, Benjamin Young and Clifford Young) are workers in the ministry of God.

Pastor Edwin Young Controversies

In 2022, during one of his sermons, Ed Young urged his congregation to remove progressive local politicians in Houston and Harris County whom he believed were responsible for the increasing rates of homicide. In his words, he said, “Throw those bums out.” Of course this did not sit well with a lot of online audience which resulted in people asking that the tax exemption that his church enjoys be removed. 

Pastor Edwin Young Net Worth

The pastor and author’s net worth is estimated to lie between $10milliom – $15million which he accumulates from the sale of his books and career as a minister.

Pastor Edwin Young Sermons

Pastor Edwin Young’s sermons can be found and watched or listened to online on various platforms. Some of his sermons are listed below.

  • Little Choices.
  • The Power Of Love.
  • The Church Awake.
  • Created Equal.
  • The End Of Time.
  • The Battle For The Church.
  • Unconditional Love.
  • Getting Life In Order.
  • Give God The Glory.

Pastor Edwin Young Books

Dr. Edwin Young has authored numerous Christian and heart health care books. Some of his published works are listed below.

  • The Ten Commandments Of Parenting.
  • Healing Broken America.
  • Total Heart Health For Men.
  • The Ten Commandments of Marriage.
  • Standing On The Promises.
  • Total Heart Health For Women.
  • Pure Sex.
  • Romancing The Home: How To Have A Marriage That Sizzles.
  • Been There. Done That. Now What?
  • David: After God’s Own Heart.

Pastor Edwin Young Quotes

So many quotes have been carved out of Dr. Ed Young’s sermons and books. Here are but a few of them.

  • “We become a Christian when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin. Conviction of n is where it all starts.”
  • “God choses to forget our sins and always remembers his love for us.”
  • “The enemy tempts seductively, strategically and accurately.”
  • “Creativity is not a gimmick, but a lifestyle.”
  • “I have the peace of God because I’ve made peace with God.”
  • “What’s Intelligence without wisdom.”

Pastor Edwin Young Social Media

Dr. Homer Edwin Young can be reached on social media on the handles below.

Instagram: ed_young

X: EdYoung

Facebook: Ed Young

Threads: ed_young


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