Everything you need to know about Dr. Francis Myles.

  • Dr. Francis Myles is a Zambian pastor, preacher, author, televangelist and speaker. He was born in Zambia and remained in Zambia for the earlier parts of his life until 1994 when he migrated to South Africa.

Dr. Francis Myles Education

Dr. Myles alongside two honorary doctorates in Divinity and Letters from Hope Consortium Bible Colleges in Chicago, Illinois, holds also a Doctoral degree in Ministry and Theology from Primus University, Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Francis Myles Career and Ministry

Dr. Francis Myles is the senior pastor of Royal Priesthood Fellowship Church, Tempe Arizona. He encountered God following a miraculous delivery in 1988 on a sickbed as a teenager. It is perhaps for this reason that the man of God is a strong advocate for healing and prophecy.

Dr. Francis Myles is the host of “Kings Conference” an annual conference that holds in Atlanta, Georgia. As a televangelist, the Dr. owns a famous television program that is broadcasted worldwide via the Word Network Channel known as “The Order of Melchizedek”. Dr. Myles desire is to see Christians and followers of God enter the Order of Melchizedek as kings and priests just like it is stated in the scriptures.

Dr. Myles founded “The Order of Melchizedek Supernatural School of Ministry” in the 2009 and from then till now, the school has received entrants from four continents in the world and has recorded a good graduation record of over 6000 students. The school is a training ground that helps pastors and non-pastors alike to discover their purpose in line with the order of Melchizedek.

As a speaker, Dr. Myles has appeared on TBN, GodTV and Daystar Christian TV networks. He has also been featured on Sid Roth’s “Its Supernatural” and “This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn.”

The “Just Cause Foundation” was established by Dr. Myles, together with his wife. The mission of the foundation is caring for orphans and widows in the U.S. and Zambia. Currently the foundation caters for over 700 widows and orphans.

It would also interest you to know that the mobile app, “Jump The Line” was developed and is owned by Dr. Francis Myles. It’s a Christian app that helps its users to break genetic ties and patterns in their family history and bloodline.

Dr. Francis Myles Family Life

Dr. Myles got married to the woman he loves dearly, Carmela Real Myles and the two live together in a suburb of Nashville, TN. 

Dr. Francis Myles Net Worth

The exact net worth of Dr. Myles is not known to the public yet.

Dr. Francis Myles Sermons

Most of Dr. Myles sermons can be watched online on YouTube on his official account, Francis Myles International.

  • Angels Of Speed And Mobility.
  • Overthrowing Evil Decrees Prayer Marathon.
  • How To Revive Dead Areas Of Your Life.
  • Understanding Altars.
  • The Only Way To Live Life Successfully.
  • The Law Of Thanksgiving.
  • Speak To The Earth.
  • Unlocking The Dream Dimension.
  • Make Your Prayers Dangerous.
  • Get Health And Healing Out Of Plain Dirt.

 Dr Francis Myles Books

Asides from preaching, teaching and speaking, Dr. Francis Myles over the years has built a successful career as an author. He is has managed to successfully author a good number of books. Here are some of the books written by him.

  • Dangerous Prayers From The Courts Of Heaven That Destroy Evil Altars.
  • I Speak To The Earth: Release Prosperity.
  • Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from Courts of Heaven.
  • Tithes of Honor.
  • The Battle Of Altars: Spiritual Technology For Divine Encounters.
  • The Spirit Of Divine Interception.
  • The Blood: The Other Voice In The Courts Of Heaven.
  • The Marketplace Study Bible.
  • The Order Of Melchizedek.
  • Jump The Line. 

Dr. Francis Myles Quotes:

Here are some quotes from Dr. Francis Myles books.

  • “Sin is what brings a reproach on any nation and until it is forgiven, the land can never experience real revival.”
  • “God blessed the Earth with everything needed to sustain life.”
  • “God retains full ownership rights of the planet Earth primarily because He created it from nothing.”
  • “Once God establishes a biblical principle and precedence, He never violates it.”
  • “The Earth is the first witness in the dishing out of divine blessings or judgment.”

Dr. Francis Myles Social Media:

Feel free to connect with Dr. Francis Myles on social media via his Instagram and Facebook accounts provided below. 

Instagram: drfrancismyles

Facebook: Dr. Francis Myles 




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