Everything you need to know about Pastor Charles Nieman.

Pastor Charles Nieman was born in the year 1949 in El Paso, Texas, USA to a military family. He lived in various cities abroad and in the U.S.

Pastor Charles Nieman Education

Charles Nieman had his high school education in El Paso, Texas. Upon completion of his high school education and graduation, Charles furthered his education to tertiary level. He attended the university of Texas, Austin.

Pastor Charles Nieman Career and Ministry

What started as a small congregation of 0nly 20 members in a small railroad union hall in El Paso in 1977 has grown into a church with the attendance of members counting in tens of thousands. Charles Nieman is the senior pastor and founder of “Abundant Church”, a non-denominational church in El Paso, Texas where he was born and raised. His decision to become a man of God and preacher took place in his early 20s while still attending college. From then until now, his love for and relationship with God has only grown stronger.

Pastor Charles Nieman Family Life

Pastor Charles Nieman got married to his first wife Rochelle Nieman whom he met during his university days at University of Texas in the year 1970 and the two have stayed happily married until her death in 2012. Rochelle died after battling cancer for years. Four years later in 2016, Pastor Nieman married Lynn Nieman and the two have stayed married ever since.

Pastor Nieman is father to a daughter, Shannon Nieman and a son, Jared Nieman. Children from his first marriage to Rochelle. He is also a proud grandfather.

Pastor Charles Nieman Awards and Nominations

In 2008, Outreach magazine rated pastor Charles Nieman’s church, Abundant Church as the 31st fastest growing church and 41st in size. 

Pastor Charles Nieman Net Worth

The exact net worth of pastor Charles Nieman is not known. However from the sale of his books and career as a pastor, his net worth has been estimated to lie at about $5million.

Pastor Charles Nieman Sermons

Sermons by pastor Charles Nieman are available online on various platforms for streaming. Here are some of his sermons.

  • Fear Not.
  • Give Your Way To A Better Life.
  • I Am Strong.
  • Answer The Call Of Courage.
  • Seek And Save.
  • Kings & Priests.
  • This Is The Victory.
  • When Life Doesn’t Play Along.
  • Life Of King David.

Pastor Charles Nieman Books

Charles Nieman has successfully authored some books across the years, including “Endings & Beginnings” which he wrote following the death of his wife and how he struggled to heal from her demise. Below are a couple of books written by him.

  • Endings & Beginnings.
  • Burn The White Flag.
  • Becoming A Master Asker.
  • Wisdom & Guidance.
  • Leadership: You Can Have What It Takes.
  • The Life Of Excellence: Spirit Of Excellence.
  • Kings & Priests: Partners For The Kingdom.
  • God’s Plan For Your Financial Success.
  • Prayer: An Invitation From God.
  • Thinking Big In Small Places.

Pastor Charles Nieman Quotes

Here are three famous quotes by pastor Charles Nieman.

  • “The cross and its power is the manifestation of God’s ability, capacity and his willingness to do it.”
  • “When your trust is in god, you can count on his peace to rule your life.”
  • “If we are not careful we will give outside factors the power to control and dictate our lives when inside of us there is a greater power to control our lives, our heart.”

Pastor Charles Nieman Social Media

To connect with pastor Charles Nieman on social media, reach out to him on either of his social media handles below.

Instagram: charlesnieman

X: charlesnieman

Facebook: Charles Nieman


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