Everything You Need To know About Dr. Kirby Clements.

Dr. Kirby Clements Sr. is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, preacher, teacher, bishop and author.

Dr. Kirby Clements Biography

Not much is known about Kirby’s childhood, parents and siblings.

Dr. Kirby Clements Education

Kirby Clements received a B.S. in Biology from Morehouse College. He has a master of science in Dentistry from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry and holds also a Doctor of Dental Surgery from Howard University.

Dr. Kirby Clements Career and Ministry

Kirby Clements Sr. has been a minister of the gospel and a man of God for over 30 years. He is the co-founder of “The International Connection of Ministries”. He is also the senior pastor of “The Community of the Holy Spirit”. Kirby was ordained in 1999 as a bishop.

Kirby alongside his wife, over the years were able to build leaders and churches across various nations of the world.

Dr. Kirby Clements Family Life

Kirby is married to Sandra Clements. The couple together founded “The Clements Family Ministry” in 1994 where they hold workshops and seminars in line with the bible and also make available books with words of wisdom and messages from the scriptures to be applied in everyday lives. Kirby and Sandra were married for 50 years and together the couple raised two wonderful children; Kirby Jr and Gina. It was however on a sad note that his wife, Sandra Kirby passed on in June 2015. She was aged 70.

Dr. Kirby Clements Recognition

Dr. Kirby Clements Sr. is the first African American to earn a master degree in prosthetic dentistry from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry.

Dr. Kirby Clements Sermons

Kirby’s wisdom and understanding of the scripture radiates from his sermons and teachings. As a spirit filled man of God he is able to break down the messages of the scriptures to the level of understanding of his audience. Below is a list of some of his sermons which are available on YouTube.

  • Spiritual Growth.
  • Prophetic Contradictions.
  • The Power Of Ordinary.
  • Redemptive Consciousness.
  • What Must I Do?
  • Kingdom Perspective.
  • Spiritual Intelligence.
  • A Journey.
  • Word Of Wisdom.

Dr. Kirby Clements Books

Kirby Clement is a published author of about 11 books and he has written series upon series of papers on issues tied to spirituality, Christianity, faith and the church as a whole. Below is a list of books authored by him. These books are available online on various platforms.

  • When Prophecies Fail.
  • Thy Kingdom Come: The Kingdom of God Now and Forever.
  • Navigating The Journey: Our Journey To And Beyond The Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit.
  • Avoiding The Ten Common Church Crises.
  • Wisdom Between The Pages.
  • Spiritual intelligence: Knowing God And Making Him Known.
  • And He Gave Them: The Biblical Design For Man And Woman Co-Laboring In Ministry And Life.
  • Second: A Practical Guide To Establishing Church Structure.
  • Struggle Triumph Of The Believer.

Dr. Kirby Clements Net Worth

The exact net worth of Dr. Kirby Clements Sr. is yet to be made known to the public. He is however believed to be living comfortably.



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